Ergonomics in Web Page Design

The human perceptive system can only dedicate so much of its resources to a particular task at on instance. In human factors engineering, this is known as "task loading". The object is to keep the audience or end user engaged without overloading, or necessitating special training.

The key is to keep the information flow simple and steady, without regressing into "spoon feeding". Therefore, much of ergonomic design focuses on intuitive means to utilize the cognitive phenomenon of "chunking" (this is the actual term). Chunking is our tendency to contextually lump data together into representational chunks.

The necessity for an efficacy of information transfer on the human level is illustrated by the incredible information glut that is on the web now (of which this page will add). We need it hard and quick.

Graphical User Interface Tips:

It used to be that a web page was a simple device that some guy posted test answers on or pictures of certain types. However, the internet has caught up with our media savvy society. You can still manage a nifty page without looking like a yutz.

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